Congress not reacting to draft proposal of delimitation commission as they don’t have members in it: G A Mir

Srinagar, Dec 31 (KNS): Jammu Kashmir Pradesh committee chief G A Mir on Friday said that the delimitation commission has already taken a long time to prepare the proposal and they have shared the proposal with associated MPs only.

Talking to Kashmir News Service (KNS), he said that Congress doesn’t have any members in the commission due to which they were not reacting to the proposal.

He said that besides MPS, the commission should have shared the proposal with all recognized political parties. “The day commission comes out with a proposal in public domain, we will call for a press brief and we will respond accordingly.”

He said that during DDC elections, the political parties had different stand, where few parties decided not to take part in the elections, but later all parties participated.

“In a similar way parties said that they are not going to be part of delimitation process since it is sub-judice, but parties have been part of the process. NC earlier decided to stay away from the process but their MPs headed by Farooq Abdullah attended the process. I don’t know why NC earlier stayed away and later joined, NC itself would be better to answer this,” Mir said.

Reacting to recent outreach programmes by political leaders, Mir said that the likeminded secular parties have every right to be among their people, but they have to be careful that not to make any speech that could benefit BJP in other places to win the election, because Kashmir has been always a place to win elections in other places.Click Here To Follow Our WhatsApp Channel

Mir agreed that till now parties have been making hallow slogans, despite heavy mandates parties failed to deliver, but the coming election would be a golden opportunity for political parties to win their trust by delivering what they are promising.

“People also have responsibility to act smartly to elect the right people to empower them for their own development and welfare,” he added.

He said that Congress has always been vocally speaking for the rights of the people and to represent the sentiments and aspirations of the people. “The rumours about the division in Congress is baseless and is fully democratic party, where everyone is free to make his opinion,” he added.

Reacting to recent the press conference by police on Hyderpora encounter, Mir said that the investigation should be natural and fair.

“Since the beginning we were demanding judicial probe in Hydderpora encounter, whatever have been results then the people would have accepted. Since police have itself started investigation, the people would definitely raise eyebrows,” Mir added. (KNS)

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