Congress leader slams BJP for failing to fulfil promises made to people

Kathua, Feb 4 (KNS):  While narrating the famous quote" Raghukul reet sada chali aaye,pran jaye par bachan  na jai , Senior  AICC leader and Incharge J&K affairs Shri Bharat Sinh Solanki today hit out at BJP saying that it talk of Ram Rajya but  have not fulfilled a single promise made to the people who are  reeling under worst kind of price rise & unemployment.

Addressing an impressive workers convention of district congress committee here today,Shri Solanki took upon BJP for lying to the people to bring black money and deposit 15 laks into common man's account,check price rise and give two crore jobs annually but never fulfilled their promises which is against the principles laid down in Raamrajya.
Solanki said that UPA government headed by Dr Manmohan Singh did a lot of overall progress and growth in every sections in the country including in Jammu & Kashmir but BJP opposed every good step . For a small price rise the BJP leaders used to be on streets but now don't talk of those issues when people are facing worst hardships. 
The j& k people were deprived of their rights to land, jobs and natural resources and statehood arbitrarily. The people of J&k will follow the Ladakh who have shown the way forward by launching a strong movement for statehood and safeguarding their rights and cultural identity. 
Urging people of kathua to blow a bigle of change and bring congress to power as they had warmly welcomed the Rahil Gandhiji padyatra here whobis fighting for justice to common people. The current bataya yatra has received tremendous response everywhere which indicates people's mood for change in 2024.
He was accompanied by JKPCC President Vikar Rasool Wani, Aicc Secretary Manoj Yadav,working President Raman bhalla, Senior vice president Ravinder Sharma, Vice president Pranab Shagotra, Gen secys Shashi Sharma, Naresh Sharma, District President Pankaj dogra, Shammema Raina, Akash bharat, Vijay Sharma, Rajveer Singh, Jatin Raina, Nirdosh Sharma, Kajal Rajput, Bhanu Mahajan & others.Click Here To Follow Our WhatsApp Channel
JKPCC President Vikar Rasool Wani lashed out BJP for bringing lot of miseries for the people especially youth and farmers of J&K as their is record unemployment,tax terrorism while farmers were deprived of lands.
He said that people were deprived of democracy for years and people's voice is not heard. The voice of people be they unemployed, employees, old age, widows, handicapped, farmers & others is being crushed. 
Congress is the only secular democratic alternative to the people which always stood for the rights of all sections all these years and people would bring change both in lok Sabha and assembly whenever held, but BJP is delaying election'. 

Raman Bhalla targeted BJP for the failure to represent aspirations of the Jammu people whose rights were crushed, trade being taken over and resources being looted by outside contractors. 
He said that BJP betrayed Jammu people on false promises and every section is suffering due to policies of the ruling party. Jammu has become hub of liquor trade and drug Mafia is active spoiling our future generations. 
District President Pankaj Dogra referred to the organisational activities all these years to oppose the anti people policies of BJP and unreasonable taxes and evictions of farmers besides loot of resources. He said Kathua is worst sufferer of our side invasion. 

Several local leaders spoke of the issues of people,farmers, traders and unemployed youth.(KNS)

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