Confining Er Rashid behind bars during DDC elections biggest proof of BJP’s cowardice:AIP Spokesperson

Srinagar, 23rd December (KNS): Jammu Kashmir Awami Itehad Party top brass reacting over the outcomes of recently held DDC elections termed the elections as a classical example of fixed-agreement between Gujrat and Gupkar,party top brass questioned BJP about the reason to confine Awami Itehad Party Supremo Er Abdul Rashid behind bars even during the course of elections. In a statement issued to news agency-kashmir news service(KNS),Party Spokesperson Sheeban Ashai questioned New Delhi that if even those who want China’s intervention, those who don’t want to raise India’s flag are out in open, what wrong has Er Rashid committed to remain caged behind bars? This dual policy of BJP of subjecting Er Rashid to continued incarceration while Gujrat and Gupkar gangs go on with business as normal have raised eyebrows across the political spectrum. Ashai added that everyone in Kashmir knows the reality that those at helm in New Delhi didn’t have the gumption to hold these elections in presence of Awami Itehad Party Supremo Er Abdul Rashid. Had Rashid Shb been out, I guarantee Jammu Kashmir Awami Itehad Party would’ve swept these elections in all constituencies, most importantly North Kashmir in particular. Party top brass asked Gupkar Allaince to first explain what action is it’s top brass going to take against proxy candidates that they in brazen contravention of their own agreement had willfully fielded against each other. What can the Kashmiri nation expect from these habitual historic backstabbers who can’t keep their own word vis-a-vis even a meager DDC poll. Party leadership also raised questions over the back-door bonhomie between BJP and Gupkar. Party Spokesperson Sheeban Ashai asked BJP whether old alliances with all major constituents was the reason that Gupkar Allaince is out in open while all genuine Kashmiri political voices including Er Rashid are made to languish in dreaded jails across India. Are the old partnerships of BJP with all three major constituents NC,PDP,PC reason for Modi going soft on Gupkar, Ashai questioned? There seems to be some clandestine political arrangement between Gupkar and Gujrat Gangs, Ashai alleged. New Delhi wants Gupkar to fill in the political void created by the criminal abrogation of Articles 370 and 35A under guise of which rest of the genuine leadership of Kashmiris was picked up. Since all major constituents of PAGD have been habitual friends of New Delhi and have from time to time compromised the interests of people of Jammu and Kashmir for personal gains hence a clandestine political arrangement between Gupkar and Gujrat gangs cannot be ruled out. Party termed continued incarceration of its Supremo behind bars in an absolutely fake and frivolous case during elections as New Delhi’s silent acknowledgment of Er Rashid and AIP’s ground strength, particularly in entire North Kashmir. It is a classical example of BJP going weak in knees and epitomizes cowardice of worst form to hold an election in forced absence of a strong opposition.(KNS)  

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