Civic action programme 'serves as a vital bridge between forces & local communities in kmr: CRPF

 Ishtiyaq Ahmad

Srinagar, Nov 02 (KNS): The Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) is maintaining that its Civic Action Programme is enhancing stronger ties with the local communities in the Kashmir valley.
As per the top officials of the Central Reserve Police force, the program, which aims to address the needs of the local population and promote a sense of community and cooperation, has been instrumental in building trust and rapport with residents in regions where the CRPF is deployed.
“The Civic Action Programme, often referred to as CAP, is a key initiative aimed at building bridges between security forces and the local populace. CRPF personnel engage in a variety of activities that extend beyond their primary security responsibilities, including organizing medical camps, skill development workshops, sports events, and educational initiatives. These efforts are designed to address the immediate and long-term needs of the communities they serve,” one of the top officials of CRPF here in Srinagar told news agency KNS.
“The Civic Action Programme is an essential component of our approach to maintaining law and order in areas where we are deployed,” he said.
 “It acts as a bridge between our personnel and the local people, helping to break down barriers and foster cooperation and understanding.”
The official further said that the CAP activities are tailored to the specific needs of the local population.
“They often include medical check-up and treatment camps, where residents receive free healthcare services. Skill development programs are also conducted to equip local youth with employable skills, helping to address unemployment and economic instability.
Moreover, CRPF personnel regularly organize sports events and cultural activities to engage with local residents and build a sense of camaraderie. These events are an opportunity for security personnel to interact with the community in a relaxed and friendly setting, promoting mutual trust and respect,” he said.
Education plays a vital role in the program, as well. “CRPF personnel organize awareness campaigns, distribute educational materials, and collaborate with local schools to improve the access to quality education for children.  The Programme has received positive feedback from local residents, who have seen tangible improvements in their lives due to these initiatives. By addressing their basic needs and fostering a sense of belonging, the program not only enhances security but also creates an environment of cooperation and trust that is essential for lasting peace and stability,” the official maintained.
“Our Jawans have been donating blood and helping financially poor people. We are very happy to help the people. When we help them (People), they give us blessings,” he added. 
The CRPF officials said that to further help the people of Kashmir, CRPF Helpline ‘MADADGAAR’ was formally launched In June 2017, when the Governor of J&K inaugurated it, at Tagore Hall Srinagar.
The helpline has evolved itself and grown over the years.
"The basic idea of the Madadgar helpline is to help Kashmiris in distress who are in the state or outside. We provide several kinds of assistance to people. Over the past six years, Madadgaar has handled an impressive 10 lakh calls, demonstrating its unwavering commitment to serving the community,” Gul Junaid Khan, the CRPF assistant commandant, in-charge of the helpline told this KNS correspondent.
Locals call up to complain about water shortage, bad roads, seek information about train timings and recruitment in the CRPF.
“Then there are the more serious calls, like people living in remote areas asking for urgent medical help,” he said.
Khan dealing with the Madadgaar further said that through its dedicated efforts, the helpline has facilitated special assistance in 38,500 cases, ensuring that those in need receive the aid they require. "Notably, Madadgaar has played a crucial role in medical assistance, providing essential medicines to chronic patients, arranging surgeries, facilitating doctor consultations, and offering ambulance services in 6,936 cases.
The CRPF jawans have exhibited exemplary generosity, with 1,315 cases of blood donations to individuals in need. Additionally, 155 cases of prosthetic implants and wheelchairs have helped improve the quality of life for those with physical disabilities. Madadgaar has extended its support to 9,933 families, providing livelihood assistance, food, and other essentials, thus uplifting numerous households in the region.”
During times of calamity and harsh weather conditions, Madadgaar has stood strong, providing assistance to 3,266 families and ensuring their safety and well-being. The helpline has also been a guiding light for pilgrims and tourists, offering assistance in 3,148 cases.
In the face of Madadgaar they have taken a firm stance against eve-teasing, domestic violence, and related concerns, providing aid and support in 473 cases.
Recognizing the importance of education and sports, Madadgaar has helped shape the future of 238 meritorious students and sportspersons by extending the necessary assistance for them to pursue their goals.
Furthermore, during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, the helpline has actively supported the community, providing assistance in a staggering 10430 cases, offering solace and relief to countless individuals affected by the crisis.
“The success of Madadgaar would not have been possible without the dedication and selfless service of the CRPF jawans and the unwavering support of the local population. The CRPF expresses its deepest gratitude to everyone involved in making Madadgaar a resounding success,” he added.
One of the top CRPF rank officials, insisting not to be named said that the “Madadgaar” was a very novel concept and was aimed at using the extensive deployment of a highly professional force i.e. CRPF, in Kashmir. “CRPF has deployments in even the remotest of villages in Kashmir and thus, along with its Pan-India presence, played a pivotal role in rendering assistance to the locals, whenever and wherever needed and mitigating the problems of the common people in Kashmir.” he said.
The Helpline works 24x7 and needy people can also contact the toll free number ‘14411’. People can also forward Grievances through email to CRPF MADADGAAR on, , on Whatsapp 7082814411, on the twitter handle @CRPFmadadgaar.
The CRPF has received praise and admiration from a variety of sources for its dedication to upholding local sensibilities while performing its duty. Government officials have applauded their achievements and urged other security services to use similar tactics. Law enforcement organisations all over the nation are motivated by the CRPF's success to put a high priority on community participation, develop trust, and promote peaceful coexistence in the Kashmir valley.
Lauding the efforts of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), the Home Minister Amit Shah had said that the Central Armed Police Force (CAPFs) in Kashmir valley helped the people a lot.
“From resolving the local grievances to assisting Kashmiris students outside the state, they have been at the forefront of it all," Shah had said.(KNS)

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