Chrungoo writes to union Finance minister, takes up issue of relief enhancement, overaged youth

Jammu, Sept 01 (KNS): Senior BJP and In charge, department of Political Feedback, J&K BJP, Ashwani Kumar Chrungoo has taken up the issue of enhancement of relief with the Finance Minister, making an appeal for urgent consideration of increase in monthly relief for the displaced relief holders.

In his letter, addressed to Nirmala Sitharaman, Minister for Finance and Corporate Affairs, Chrungoo said that on the occasion of the Covid19 situation getting into control now, due to the government's appropriate planning and implementation, "I take this opportunity to state that since the cost of price index has gone high a number of times over the last five years and consequent price-rise in almost all fields of public purchases has touched a high that has disturbed the domestic budget of the displaced community of Kashmir, currently living in exile due to their ethnic cleansing, it has become very difficult for the Relief holders among them to make their both ends meet." 

The letter reads: "In this context, I request that the amount of Relief per family per month be enhanced to Rs.20,000 @Rs.5,000 per soul minimum. There are less than 22,000 relief holders in total who are dependent upon the monthly relief. It would be a great gesture on behalf of the government to provide this sort of help to the relief holders on the auspicious occasion of the upcoming festival season."
The letter reads that the overaged youth who couldn't be accommodated under the PM's Employment package need monetary assistance from the government to ensure their economic subsistence. "It can be done by means of monetary compensation, interest free loans and one time working capital for creating new working business units that can earn profits in due course of time. Kindly make it convenient to declare an economic package to benefit this section of the society so that it is guaranteed an economically viable future in the difficult situation it is facing."
It reads that once the process of recruitment by the JKSSB for 1,997 posts under the PM's Employment package is completed, we need to proceed ahead in this regard. "I make an earnest request to your goodself to announce a package of reservation of 5,000 jobs for the youth of the displaced community in the Central government employment for posting in the Jammu and Kashmir union territory. This will go a long way to help the educated youth of the community to lead an honorable & economically palatable life in their own homestead, Jammu and Kashmir."
It also reads that these three declarations will boost the morale of the displaced community in the current Covid19 scenario & will also work as great confidence building measure in favour of the displaced community currently living as refugees in its own country. "I am hopeful that my request is taken up at an appropriate level as soon as possible," reads the letter. (KNS)

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