CBI launches a large scale operation against officers and employees involved in irregularities and corruption in J&K

After becoming UT, the Central Investigation Agency has got powers over every department of Jammu and Kashmir

Srinagar, Mar 3 (KNS): Central Bureau of Investigation "CBI "has launched a massive probe into alleged bribery and embezzlement of public funds in the Jammu and Kashmir Union Territory and the Central Investigation Agency (CIA) has cracked down on the culprits. Several investagting  teams comprising senior officers have been formed to review the records of government construction agencies, corporations and other government departments.

CBI sources have revealed that the people of Jammu and Kashmir have been going through the worst hardships for many years due to corruption  and now the CBI is fully providing justice to the people at their doorstep. Efforts are being made to do so and large-scale action has been taken in this regard.

One of the CBI"top official" told KNS that people from UT are facing severe hardships due to corruption in  civil  and police departments  as well as in other construction agencies, banks and corporations over the past many years. Although in the past the jurisdiction of the CBI was limited to the Central agencies only, since Jammu and Kashmir became a Centrally Administered Territory, the powers of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) have been greatly expanded and now The CBI covers all the departments of Jammu and Kashmir including the central institutions as well as local level civil offices, police departments, public and private banks, various construction agencies and corporations etc. and majority of  these departments nd corporatios are allegedly involved in frauds and irregularities over the last several years are being investigated. The said senior officer said that  CBI in Jammu and Kashmir is working hard to curb the system of bribery and bring the perpetrators to justice. And investigative teams headed by competent officers were formed The officers of the aforesaid teams are closely scrutinizing the assets and bank accounts of the officers and employees involved in the corruption during which large scale irregularities and frauds have been uncovered in various departments and soon in this regard. Action will be taken in accordance with the law.He further said That
From the very beginning, CBI has been working for the welfare of the people and providing justice to the people at their doorstep is one of our top priorities," he added. People complained against him.

Contact the CBI office in Srinagar or Jammu and I assure them that the people will get full justice.
 The "top" officer further told KNS that bribes are demanded from consumers while getting loans from various banks while people in different departments are hired for bribes but the system is completely abolished. The CBI is fully committed to this, but he said, "I urge the people to contact with the concerned authorities in this regard and they will be given justice in all cases." Sources close to the CBI also told that they were also receiving complaints against the Border Roads Organization and the matter was being reviewed from every angle and if any person or any association from Jammu or Kashmir had In case of any information, they should contact the CBI office at Srinagar or Jammu and the identity of the informant will be kept confidential in all respects. On other hand Patwari, who was posted in a constituency of Budgam district yesterday, was caught red-handed taking a bribe of Rs 13,000 from Srinagar. Patwari was remanded in custody for three days on Wednesday.

However, a CBI investigating officer told KNS that several important documents were recovered from Patwari's house and the residences of his close relatives. The team has confiscated and the investigation team is examining the bank accounts besides the assets of accused Patwari and more revelations in this regard are expected soon.

It is worth mentioning that in a bribery incident, a special team of CBI led by Rauf Ahmed arrested a Patwari posted at Bimana Budgam at 10:08 am on Tuesday. The CBI team raided the residence of a close relative of Patwari in Srinagar who was a retired inspector of PDD department and on Wednesday accused  was remanded in judicial custody for three days by an anti-corruption court.(KNS )

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