Book release function organised by Army at Handwara

Srinagar, September 11:(KNS) To promote the young and budding writers of North Kashmir, an official programme for the release of book ‘To Infinity and More’ by Miss Hina Jaan was organized at Pohrupet 7 Sector Rashtriya Rifles on 11 September 2021.

Miss Hina Jaan is an extremely talented 8th standard student of Hill Grange School, Handwara and resident of Shatigam Village. She has written a number of articles and columns like What Auxiliaries Teach Us, The 3 Real Best Friends, The White and So Long 4G, which have been published in major newspapers of the valley. During her interview, she highlighted that it took her
two years to finish the book and this book is of nonfiction genre.

This non fiction novel brings out lessons which life has taught her. The school routine is used as a metaphor while discussing different aspects which play an important role in one's life. She plans to continue her work in this field and dreams to emulate other great writer of the country.(KNS

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