BLK-Max Super Specialty Hospital New Delhi launches Oncology OPD services at Srinagar

Srinagar, Dec 04 (KNS): With decades of excellence in treating several patients suffering from cancer, BLK-Max Super Specialty Hospital, New Delhi has now come up with its exclusive Oncology OPD services for management of Cancers at Max Med Centre in Karan Nagar area of Srinagar. 

As per a statement, issued to Kashmir News Service (KNS), the OPD services will be available once in every month where experts providing consultations on various types of cancers including head and neck cancer, breast cancer, lung and esophageal cancer, and gastrointestinal cancers.

“The advanced treatment modalities like robotic surgery and minimal access surgery for remission of such cancers will also be available,” reads the statement.

During the launch of the OPD services, Dr Surender Dabas, senior director and HOD, Surgical Oncology and Robotic surgery, BLK-Max Cancer Centre, New Delhi, said that since early detection of such cancers can have favorable outcomes with respect to the advancements made in the field of oncology treatment, it is imperative to state that awareness plays a major role. 

“With the launch of this OPD, local residents will be highly benefitted in terms of reduced travel for primary consultations and expert opinion due to the availability of specialist doctors in Srinagar.”

The statement reads that through this special OPD service by BLK-Max Hospital, people from Srinagar will not only be able to access the best-in-class services but awareness about the disease will also enhance them for a better and healthy lifestyle.

“Before robotics, laparoscopic surgery was utilized as a minimally invasive option. With robotics, a surgeon is able to control the camera along with the surgical and retraction instruments, which offer an increased level of control over the procedure as compared to laparoscopy,” Dr Dabas said.

He also said that Robot combines the best of laparoscopic and traditional open methods for best results. “Robotic surgery is a viable option for patients requiring pelvic, abdominal and urological surgery. More surgeons are likely to adopt this technology, which will help increase its availability to patients,” he said. (KNS)

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