BJP trying to divide Pahari, Gujjar communities: JKPM

Srinagar, Dec 13 (KNS): Jammu and Kashmir People's Movement said that Centre government and local BJP leadership is trying to create confusion among two communities for their political interests. 

JKPM further said that BJP's divisive agenda is being implemented here in Jammu and Kashmir to divide two communities Gujjar and Pahari's on the name of category status for their vested and political interests as they are feeling that they don't exist in J&K politics any more and are trying to divide people of Jammu and Kashmir to get benefitted. 

JKPM urged Gujjar and Pahari communities to get united at this crucial juncture for the larger interests of Jammu and Kashmir and don't come under the trap of divisive agenda of BJP as it is time to show them their actual place, otherwise it will be disastrous for Jammu and Kashmir as we know they misguided Ladakh region on the name of union territory and nowadays people of Ladakh have realized that and now they are demanding state with special status. 

JKPM urged people of all sections of Jammu and Kashmir to get united to defeat the divisive agenda of BJP. "They know very well that J&K is Muslim majority state and it will not help them and they are using their divisive tactics for their political interests," JKPM said. (KNS)

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