BJP Govt. betrayed IB & LOC Dwellers- Sadhotra

Srinagar 03 February (KNS): BJP Govt. at the centre& in J&K has betrayed the International (IB) & Line of Control (LOC) dwellers alleged Mr. Ajay Kumar Sadhotra Senior Leader J&K National Conference& Former Minister while addressing a public meeting at Makhial Border Village in Marh. He added BJP made false promises with the border dwellers as usual, to give five marlaplots to them at safer places so that they could move to such places in case of shelling from across the Border by Pakistan in order to avoid any loss of life & property but till date there is not a single person who got promised plot.

As per the statement issued to KNS, He further alleged that BJP Govt is doing cruel joke with the Border Youth while issuing Border Certificates to them. They are pushing youth towards wall. Govt has put condition that Border Certificate cannot be issued to a person of Border whose family income from all sources is more than 8 lakhs.

Secondly girls married in Border Villages cannot get Border Certificate till they live their for continuous 15 years & by that time they are overaged & could not avail benefit of reservation for jobs.

MrSadhotra said it is very amusing that youth living in same villages under same circumstances is discriminated while issuing Border Certificate. If God forbid there is shelling from across the Border “will shell first differentiate who is with income less than 8 lakh & then hit.” It is quite impossible. He demanded 5 marlas  plots at safe place as promised by BJP.

And also demanded to issue Border Certificates to all the Border dwellers of IB & LOC irrespective of their income in view of ground realities.

            Former Minister further demanded that all the girls married in Border Villages be issued Border Certificates the moment they are married so that the young girls could avail benefit of reservation in getting govt.  jobs & promotions, otherwise Govt is doing a disservice to the Border youth. Already Border Youth is facing acute unemployment problem.

The Border dwellers are second line of defence on the border and are trusted brave civilian population. The conditions put by Govt in issuing Border Certificates has made youth dejected, disgusted & frustrated. They feel as if there is no body to listen their genuine demands. It is high time for the Govt to redress their demands it is a  matter of their future he asserted.

Many youth left BJP & joined National ConferenceMr. Sadhotra welcomed new entrants.Those who joined National Conference are Arun Sangral, Lovely Sangral, Ankush Kumar, Sahil Langeh, Raju Kumar, Gulshan Kumar, Romi Kumar, Kashivlangeh, Gagan Kumar, Abhishek Langeh, Sanju Sangral, Vinod Kumar, Rakesh Kumar, Booter Kumar, Mohit Menia, Balbir Lal, Dimple Sangral, Balwant Lal, Rohit Kumar, Sheetal Kumar & Suresh Kumar

Others who spoke in public meeting are Ghar Singh Corporator, Rakesh Sharma, Prof. Nasib Chand, Dila Ram, Manohar Lal (Rinku) Ravi Kumar, Ankush Kumar, Sanjeev Sharma, Rishav, SumitSharma,  SahilLangeh, Abhishek Langeh, KashivLangeh, Mohit Menia, Arun Sangral, etc.(KNS)

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