Basit Hayat Zargar dismays over PDD's curtailment schedule for Sgr

Urges people to make judicious of electricity

Urges people to make judicious of electricity

Srinagar Nov 15 (KNS) : Prominent Social and Political Activist Basit Hayat Zargar expressed his strong resentment over the new power curtailment announced by Kashmir Power Distribution Corporation Limited (KPDCL) for Srinagar city.

According a statement issued to to KNS, said that the recent power curtailment announced by KPDCL would add misries of people and also badly affect the students and online work.

Basit Hayat said that many people working online are earning their daily bread through online jobs, many students are preparing are for competitive exams, more importantly the electricity has essential use in our hospitals, all these need an uninterrupted power supply.Click Here To Follow Our WhatsApp Channel

The winter in Kashmir has harsh characteristics, PDD has to improve its power supply to ensure least inconvence to consumers, he said.  

Zargar also urged the people to use the electricity judiciously to ensure that the electricity is not getting wasted or misused. 

Every consumer also has an important role to play by judiciously using electricity and refrain from any kind of misuse. So that the department is able to provide uninterrupted electricity to every consumer, he added.(KNS)

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