Banihal-Jammu Rail Project: Final phase of work underway for khari to sumber & sangaldan sections

 Ishtiyaq Ahmad

Srinagar, Dec 08 (KNS): In a significant development, the Banihal-Jammu rail project has reached its concluding stages of progress, with the sections from Khari to Sumber and Sumber to Sangaldan poised for completion. 
The imminent realization of these sections marks a crucial milestone in the expansive railway connectivity initiative in the Jammu and Kashmir Union Territory.
The railway project, which aims to enhance connectivity and accessibility in the Banihal-Jammu corridor, has been making steady strides.
News agency KNS reported that the latest updates from the project site, the sections from Khari to Sumber and Sumber to Sangaldan are undergoing the final phases of construction and development.
The strategic positioning of these sections holds particular importance as they form integral links within the larger rail network, connecting key locations.
 “Engineers and workers involved in the project have been working diligently to ensure that all technical and safety standards are met. The final stages of progress include meticulous checks, inspections, and testing procedures to ascertain the robustness and reliability of the rail infrastructure,” rail officials told KNS.
Local residents and frequent travelers along the Banihal-Jammu corridor are eagerly anticipating the operationalization of these sections, recognizing the transformative impact it will have on regional connectivity. The railway project is set to bolster economic activities, foster tourism, and provide a convenient and efficient mode of transportation for the residents of the areas served.
Government officials overseeing the project have expressed satisfaction with the pace and quality of the work carried out so far.Click Here To Follow Our WhatsApp ChannelThey emphasize the significance of the Banihal-Jammu rail link in promoting regional development and integration.
As the project enters its final phase for the Khari to Sumber and Sumber to Sangaldan sections, expectations are high for a seamless and efficient railway network that will contribute to the overall growth and connectivity of the Banihal-Jammu region.
It is worth noting that the inaugural trial run of the first electric train from Banihal to Khari station, covering the 111-km-long Banihal-Katra section of the Udhampur-Srinagar-Baramulla Rail Link (USBRL) project in Ramban district, was successfully conducted on Tuesday.
A railway official confirmed to KNS that the Banihal-Khari section of the USBRL project in Ramban district is now ready for operational use.
The USBRL project, spanning 272 km, is set to include 38 tunnels, with the T-49 tunnel being the longest at an impressive 12.75 km, solidifying its status as India's lengthiest transportation tunnel.
Progress on the project is rapidly advancing, with over 98 percent of the Udhampur-Srinagar-Baramulla Rail Link (USBRL) now completed, showcasing the commitment to timely completion.
Once operational, the direct train service is expected to significantly cut down travel time between Srinagar and Jammu from seven hours to just 3.5 hours, providing substantial relief to commuters.
While Railway officials express confidence in adhering to the scheduled completion date, with an inauguration planned for January 2024, there are sources indicating a possible delay until March or April 2024.
In addition to these developments, there are reports circulating about the government's consideration to introduce the Vande Bharat Metro train service between Jammu and Srinagar, further enhancing connectivity and efficiency in the region. (KNS)

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