Bakaya appeals Relief Commissioner Migrants to streamline issuance of migrant certificates

Jammu Dec 12:(KNS) Apni Party General Secretary and Ex-MLC Vijay Bakaya today appealed to the Relief Commissioner Migrants to streamline the issuance of migrant certificates to candidates who intend to apply for jobs under the PM Package.

He stated that it has been brought to his notice by the Apni Party migrant leaders Vinod Pandita Sanja Dhar and Vishal Pandit that in the time of Pandemic it is not advisable for aspirants to gather in huge numbers without taking any precautions. And then they face harassment and inconvenience.

Bakaya suggested that the Government should think of an easier way of enabling aspirants to apply.

In this regard he said it may be more convenient for aspirants if they are asked to submit their ration cards as proof with their applications

Bakaya appealed to the Lt Governor to get this matter looked into as these bottlenecks may act as a deterrent to the enthusiasm of migrant youth seek jobs under the package(KNS) 

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