Awami Itehad Party greets people on Shab-E-Meraj

Srinagar, March 11:(KNS)    Jammu Kashmir Awami Itehad Party today in a statement to "KNS" extended greetings on auspicious occasion of Shab-E-Meraj, urged people to follow path of righteousness shown by the Holy Prophet of Islam. In the felicitation message Party top brass expressed hope that the blessed night brings with itself harmony, peace, progress and prosperity for entire mankind. Party leaders emphasised on spreading the message of Holy Prophet SAW(PBUH) of humanity, kindness, affection and brotherhood between all communities. Party Spokesperson Sheeban Ashai while greeting people said, “The sacred night of Meraj marks the ascension of holy messenger of Allah Hazrat Muhammad SAW (PBUH) into heaven. We pray that this blessed night eases all the sufferings of Kashmiri nation, May the path followed by the Holy Prophet SAW(PBUH) be the guiding light for entire Kashmiri nation to persevere for their just demands and rights”. Awami Itehad party top brass requested special prayers for peace and prosperity in entire Jammu & Kashmir, urged everyone to especially remember incarcerated Kashmiri leadership in their prayers.(KNS)

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