Ashai pays tributes to martyrs of 13th July, reaffirms struggle would be taken to logical conclusion.

Srinagar, July 13 (KNS): Paying glowing tributes to the martyrs of 13th July, Awami Itehad Party leader and Spokesperson Sheeban Ashai today in statement issued to KNS highlighted the role of martyrs in Kashmiri struggle and termed it as a millstone which changed the political landscape of Jammu and Kashmir.
he said, It is their collective effort that proved it beyond point that no amount of oppression would ever be able to subjugate Kashmiris or make them relinquish their just struggle. There is a lesson for current regime in India also to learn from historical events and acknowledge Kashmir issue in its historical perspective. Incarcerating leadership or widespread bloodshed over the years has only proven futile as India has not been able to change anything considerable on ground.
Ashai added how change in Government calendars cannot belittle sacrifices of stalwarts of Kashmiri resistance, world remembers how on 13th July 1931, the troops of Dogra Maharaja martyred 22 Kashmiris, outside Central Jail in Srinagar during the court proceedings against Abdul Qadeer whose clarion call for defiance of Dogra rule had mobilized entire Kashmir. He said the best way also to pay homage to martyrs is to en masse resist injustices inflicted upon Kashmiris as nation and to educate younger generations about monumental sacrifices rendered by the torchbearers of Kashmiri struggle.
Ashai once again ingeminated that under no circumstances would there be any compromise on core issues and struggle of martyrs would be taken to logical conclusion, come what may. This very day awakened the conscience of an entire nation and made the world realize that a life of subjugation is never acceptable to Kashmiris, its people and it’s leadership would persevere till last man standing to ensure that Kashmir issue is resolved as per the wishes and aspirations of Kashmiri people (KNS)

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