Article 370 abrogation exposed Political  nexus: Aga Syed Muntazir Mehdi

Srinagar August 04 (KNS): Political analyst Aga Syed Muntazir Mehdi said that the  Abrogation of Article of 370 from  the Indian Constitution has exposed the Political  nexus  or the political hooliganism that  usually is termed as Mainstream Politics of J&K. However People of Kashmir know the Hooligansim as a big huddle  in the way of Political stability.

In a statement issued to Kashmir News Service, he said that the  J&K  Reorganisation 2019 bill has only downcast  the people of the State and it was only the abrogation of deceased body of the Article  370. The actual erosion of the special status and the internal autonomy for the state of J&K was avclioned layer by layer a long back.

For instance the 1954 order modification, the financial relations, extension of the Supreme Court’s Jurisdiction, Article of 356 and 357 of India Constitution applicable in the State and this happened only with the active role of the mainstream hooligans  for their  Personnel benefits “Political hooligans eradicated political sphere from the state and replaced it with a new culture in the name of politics that is of hypocarcy, nepotisim, betrayal” He further said 

Aga Muntazir said that the  Politics of betrayal  started with dismantaling of Political and democratic institutions and transformation of political parties into hierarchical bodies of political thugs driven by personal interests. 

Aga Muntazir further added that the  theory of mainstream politics required two faces and two words that is one for Delhi and other for Kashmir. In Delhi, the thugs used the threat of separatist  Sentiment  and projected themselves as savior of the India’s integrity, while as, in Kashmir they fanned the sentiment by projecting India as a monster. The monster like Image was elevated through the impostion of draconian laws dehumanising people day in day out .

The Human tragedy  in the state is to be addressed and that address can end the political instability . The confusion is not outcome of the abrogation but the policies of betrayal  of these hooligans .

Aga Muntazir urged Delhi and Islamabad to demonstrate a higher degree of understanding and resolve all disputes including, of course the dispute of Kashmir in the interests of peace and stability in South Asia.(KNS)

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