Arrogance-Additional Charge  eating Vitals of delivery system in J&K

Jammu 15 February (KNS): People of Jammu & Kashmir are facing very tough time as 2A s Arogance & Additional charge in the Govt is eating vitals of basic public Delivery system
alleged Mr. Ajay Kumar Sadhotra Senior Leader Jammu & Kashmir National
Conference & Former Minister while addressing a meeting of party workers at
Sohagni Border Village in Marh.

In a statement issued to kashmir news service (KNS), He said it is unfortunate & matter of grave concern that Arrogance & Additional Charge have made Public Delivery System very poor And common people are facing lot of difficulties.

Arrogance and Additional Charge have created havoc as when common people go to the office for day to day problems they are given reply “ Sahib ke pas Dusri Post Ka bi Charge Hai Vhan gaye hain” which is grave injustice with common poor man who has to visit office again & again. Disposal & Redressal of the problems is very very slow. The delivery system is very slow further alleged  Sadhotra.
Officers are also convinced that they cannot do justice with their post due to Additional Charge people are deprived of having grievances redressed.
Senior National Conference leader said in many departments the files are pending and common people are tossed on one pretext or the other and common man gets disappointment and disenchantment from the system.

Sadhotra said Jammu & Kashmir is a very sensitive Border Region of our Country. Such attitude of the Govt. will lead to alienation which is not in the National interest. And emphasized the need of making public delivery system more effective & responsive free of Arrogance & Additional Charge so that common man gets his day to day problems solved and also stressed for dire need
of putting check on Arrogance & stop Additional Charge in the system.

Many persons left BJP and joined National Conference Mr. Sadhotra welcomed the new entrants. Those who joined National Conference are Bittu Ram, Bharat Singh Jamwal, Gurdev Singh Jamwal, Rattan Singh Jamwal, Ashok Singh Bhau, Padam Dev Singh, Jagatar Singh, Devi Dayal Sharma, Farooq, Swarn Singh, Uttam Singh, Bhushan Kumar, Mohinder Lal, Madan Manhas and Others.
Others who spoke in the public meeting are Nagar Choudary, Kimat Choudhary, Rakesh Sharma, Raghubir Singh, Swarn Singh Manhas, Devi Ditta, Jagater Singh, Jag Mohan, Ashwani and others (KNS).

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