Army provides food, shelter to 250 stranded passengers in Gurez

Bandipora April 19 (KNS): The Army's exemplary commitment and tireless efforts in the face of adversity have earned widespread praise, as they provided shelter, food, and worked relentlessly overnight to clear debris for 250 stranded passengers in Tulail Valley.

In the wake of the sudden landslide that trapped 25 vehicles and left passengers stranded, the Army sprang into action, deploying Jawans of 3 Assam Rifles to the scene. Demonstrating unwavering dedication, the Army not only provided immediate shelter and food to the stranded individuals but also worked throughout the night alongside local agencies to clear the debris obstructing the road.

The selfless and round-the-clock efforts of the Army have been instrumental in ensuring the safety, comfort, and well-being of the stranded passengers.

 Their proactive response and efficient coordination with local authorities have significantly expedited the cleanup process, allowing for the swift restoration of normalcy to the affected region.

The successful resolution of the crisis serves as a poignant reminder of the Army's unwavering commitment to serving the community and safeguarding the lives of its citizens, even in the most challenging circumstances. Their heroic efforts have been met with gratitude and admiration from all quarters, underscoring their invaluable role in times of need.(KNS)

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