Army Celebrates World Environment Day in Mawar

 Handwara June 05(KNS): Indian army at naugam celebrated world environment day with great zeal and passion. 

The event was organised with the objective to raise awareness on critical event issues like air pollution, waste mgt, water conservation, rising temp, erratic weather patterns, deforestation amongst the locals. A total of 60 students including the locals of reshwari , puthwari , naugam and forest officials participated in this event.
The event was held at banjar mohalla and it featured a wide range of activities designed to promote the importance of safeguarding our planet and to keep it a better place to live in. A plantation drive was organised in which students along with teachers and locals participated where 1000 saplings were planted. A rally was also organised from banjar mohalla to chinar 9 jawan club where the students marched along with banners and placards.Click Here To Follow Our WhatsApp Channel
The event also included a speech by the range officer who stressed on the importance of trees, the benefits of the drive, and how individuals can contribute towards the planet. The students were also made aware about the 3R drives ( reduce, reuse, recycle). The event has played a significant role in raising awareness about environmental issues to the students and it served as a reminder that each individual can make a difference and contribute to a more sustainable and a healthier planet.
The event finally ended on a high note where an oath ceremony was organised where students took the pledge to demonstrate their commitment for environmental conservation. At last the students left the event with a renewed sense of opting for eco friendly products and taking a step in protecting the planet.(KNS).

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