Apni Party holds convention in Srinagar’s Karpora Nishat

Protracted turmoil has left J&K incapable to maintain a sustainable developmental pace: Altaf Bukhari

Protracted turmoil has left J&K incapable to maintain a sustainable developmental pace: Altaf Bukhari

Says, ‘New Delhi may or may not require peace here, but the J&K people desperately do’

 J&K’s bifurcation and downgrading to a UT was a tragedy; but Apni Party will ensure the restoration of statehood: Ghulam Hassan Mir

Srinagar, March 12 (KNS): Apni Party President Syed Mohammad Altaf Bukhari on Sunday said that Jammu and Kashmir is in dire need of sustained peace for speedy development and prosperity of the region.

He was addressing a party convention in the Karpora Nishat area of Srinagar.

Emphasizing on peace and tranquility in J&K, Syed Mohammad Altaf Bukhari said, “A sustained peace is of utmost importance for the development of Jammu and Kashmir, and the wellbeing of its people.” He added, “New Delhi may or may not require a peaceful environment here, but we desperately do need it because the future of our youth is at stake due to the protracted uncertainty and turmoil. Only a peaceful environment can pave a way for a better Jammu and Kashmir.”

Mr. Bukhari said that a long phase of violence and turmoil has left J&K incapable of maintaining a sustainable developmental pace.

 He said, “Look at the pathetic condition of Srinagar in terms of its developmental deficit! Once upon a time, it was considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world, but we could not maintain the required pace for its development, over the years, due to the prevailing uncertainty.” He promised that once the Apni Party gets mandated to form a Govt in J&K, it will ensure equivalent and speedy development across the region.

He said, “Our key agenda is to work for J&K’s development and prosperity, thus, we will ensure a rapid pace of modern infrastructure development here, once we are elected to form a Govt.”

On this occasion, party Senior Vice President Ghulam Hassan Mir vowed that Apni Party will continue striving for the restoration of J&K’s statehood. He said, “Post August 5, 2019, occurrences, we could foresee some troubles coming up for Jammu and Kashmir and its people. Thus, we decided to shoulder our responsibility in order to stand with our people at that tough time. This is how Syed Mohammad Altaf Bukhari and his colleagues decided to establish the Jammu Kashmir Apni Party.Click Here To Follow Our WhatsApp ChannelAnd, since then we are constantly striving to protect the interests of J&K people.”

He added, “After the abrogation of Article 370 and 35A, we had apprehension of losing our rights on jobs and land. Then, we went to New Delhi and had a constructive meeting with the Centre and convinced the Govt that J&K people should not be deprived of their exclusive rights on jobs and agricultural land here. We made the Union Government announce that no demographic change would occur in J&K and only the local residents will have rights on the jobs here and only domicile can have the ownership of agricultural land here.”

He further said, “Although LG administration has failed to provide jobs to J&K youth, at least we are assured that whenever there is recruitment, only J&K youth would be eligible to apply for the jobs.  Similarly, we are satisfied that only J&K people hold the right on the land.”

Ghulam Hassan Mir promised that Apni Party will continue its struggle to ensure J&K’s statehood is restored. He said, “It was a tragedy that one of the oldest states was not only bifurcated but also demoted to a Union Territory (UT) on August 5, 2019. But I promise you that Apni Party will continue its struggle to ensure the restoration of statehood to Jammu and Kashmir.”

Speaking at the convention, Party’s Provincial President, Kashmir, Mohammad Ashraf Mir urged people to support Apni Party in order to ensure peace, prosperity, and development in Jammu and Kashmir. He said, “Apni Party does not believe in rhetorical politics, and, unlike traditional political parties, we don’t make fake promises to the people. We promise only the achievable things. That is why we only promise you that Apni Party will ensure peace, prosperity, and development here. These things are achievable.”  

He urged the party workers to enhance their public outreach campaign in order to remain connected with the masses at the grassroots level.

Besides Syed Mohammad Altaf Bukhari, Ghulam Hassan Mir, and Mohammad Ashraf Mir, the prominent leaders who were present on the occasion included the Provincial President of the party’s Women Wing Dilshada Shaheen, Provincial President of the party’s Youth Wing Khalid Rathore, Incharge of Srinagar’s Khanyar Constituency and the District Youth President Srinagar Mohsin Zaffar Shah, Party's District Secretary Srinagar and incharge of constituency Habba Kadal Jeelani Kumar, Provincial Youth Organizer Adil Bhat, District Organizer of Youth Wing Irfan Zargar, and others.(KNS) 

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