Apni Party Demands Party-Based Elections For Panchayat, Local Bodies

 Srinagar, May 18(KNS): Apni Party on Thursday demanded the holding of upcoming Panchayat and ULB polls on party-bases.


The demand came to the fore after the party passed a resolution seeking party-based election for the proposed Panchayat and ULB polls. The resolution, presented by the party's State Secretary Muntazir Mohiuddin and supported by Provincial President Mohammad Ashraf Mir, received unanimous approval.

Besides senior leaders, the meeting held at the party headquarters in Srinagar, was attended by all the zonal leaders and senior workers from the Srinagar district, a press release said. On this occasion, the party president Syed Mohammad Altaf Bukhari asked the party leaders and grassroots cadres to prepare themselves for the forthcoming Urban Local Bodies (ULB) and Panchayat polls and assured them that with the significant public support received by the Apni Party, it will emerge as the primary victor in the electoral contest.

According to the press release, Syed Mohammad Altaf Bukhari, while addressing the meeting, said that, unlike the traditional political parties, Apni Party would refrain from engaging in political gimmicks and the politics of false promises, instead it would promise to implement its robust developmental agenda.

He said, "As we know, it has become a common practise for traditional political parties to allure their voters through deceptive promises and emotional slogans. However, we firmly believe in upholding the trust of our people, so we will never mislead them. Instead, we will guarantee our voters that we will implement our development agenda if we are mandated to serve them." Urging party leaders and grassroots cadres to gear up for the upcoming ULB and Panchayat polls, Syed Mohammad Altaf Bukhari said, "It is of utmost importance for you to stay connected with the masses in your respective constituencies.  By doing so, you can raise awareness among the voters regarding our party's vision and objectives."

He further said, "Besides making people aware of our agenda and policies, we also must make them aware of the deceptive politics of the traditional political parties, who have always misled the people through deceptive political narratives that eventually brought miseries to the people over the course of the past several decades." 

"Their misleading political narratives and emotional slogans have landed thousands of youths either in jails or in graveyards, especially during the past three decades. Therefore, it becomes our responsibility to remind people of the false promises made by these parties. The hollow rhetoric and deceptive promises such as guaranteeing a "plebiscite," "autonomy," "self-rule," and other similar pledges have resulted in the incarceration or loss of thousands of young lives during all these years. Apni Party will not allow this political gimcrackery to continue any further because the J&K people cannot bear the burden of further bloodshed, destruction, and loss of life. It is imperative that we prevent any more suffering in this region." He added.

The prominent leaders who were present on the occasion included Mohammad Ashraf Mir, Junaid Azim Mattu, Muntazir Mohiuddin, Noor Mohammad Sheikh, Haji Parvez, Jagmohan Raina, Dilshada Shaheen, Bilal Bhat, Khalid Rathore, Muzaffar Hussain Reshi, Ashraf Palpori, Tanveer Pathan, Shoaib Dar, Aijaz Rather, Mohammad Ashraf Dar, Jeelani Kumar, Mohsin Zaffar Shah, Mohammad Shafi Mir, Ali Mohammad Rather, Mohammad Shaban Chopan, Shabir Ahmad Reshi, Kaisar Ganai, Aijaz Ahmad Khan, and others.(KNS).

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