Anti-nationals must be brought to book : Chugh

Justifies registration of FIR against those who raised pro-Pakistan slogans

Justifies registration of FIR against those who raised pro-Pakistan slogans

 Srinagar, Nov 28(KNS): BJP national general secretary Tarun Chugh strongly condemned the elements which tried to invoke anti-national sentiments in the wake of the cricket world cup and said that due action must be taken forces that try to incite pro-Pakistan sentiments and cause a divide in the society.

At a time when Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been undertaking numerous development and progressive steps for the prosperity of the J&K, such nefarious elements which play a disruptive role, must be checked, he said.

Condemning the stance of former chief minister Mehbooba Mufi on the matter Chugh justified the registration of the FIR against such elements, who not only tried to intimate the locals but also tried to glorify Pakistan, Chugh said exemplary punishment must be meted out to such forces so that the development of J&K continued for the welfare of the poor and deprived.

He said booking anti-national elements at SKAUST Ganderbal was a welcome step, saying "the dual speak of Mehbooba Mufti has always brought miseries to J&K and it's people.Click Here To Follow Our WhatsApp Channel"

"The words uttered by Mehbooba Mufti over booking of seven anti-national elements by police is highly condemnable. The PDP chief has always brought misery and hardships to people of J&K, and pushed J&K into crisis situations from where the Prime Minister has salvaged the situation to a great extent," Chugh said.

Moreover, Chugh said, the forces that try to invoke anti-India sentiment by shouting pro-Pakistan slogans needed to be curbed decisively so that common man in J&K could peacefully enjoy the fruits of various development initiatives undertaken by the Modi government.

Chugh said in any sports any team can win or lose but to convert it all into an anti-national idiom surely calls for a firm action against the anti-national forces, particularly in border union territory, where the security forces have been fighting the anti-nationals tooth and nail.(KNS).

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