Anjuman Sharia Shia holds important core body meet

Srinagar, October 4 (KNS): Anjuman Sharia Shia holds an important meeting of its core body to review the performance and to prepare future plans of various departments.

In a statement issued to KNS a complete review with intellectual discourses was drawn besides the future action plans. 
Addressing the meeting the president Agha Syed Hassan Mousvi explained the main mission and purpose of the establishment of the Anjuman Shari’i Shian  said that the organization is purely and firmly devoted to its Iqamat-e-Deen “ striving for the betterment of Muslim society.
"Until now the mission has achieved the formidable success which has set the remarkable milestones in  yielding religious and social services. It has been the triumphalism only with the un-shrinkable and unshakable devotional essence and practically of the people and its members," statement reads.

 "Anjum is excellently active on  working for our sole agenda.Click Here To Follow Our WhatsApp Channel
 Stressing upon the religious and social welfares of society , Agha saib urged the members to render their services aiming at to make such programmes with favourable outcomes with Shira responsibilities," it added.
The Anjuman shall continue it’s devotional excellence by the uplifting the educational scenario , the exalted priorities shall be given to its  obedient religious scholars, it added.
Agha highlighted the saga of being into the   performances of the organizations which includes educational departments Agha said that the  Education departments are the basic and vital limbs of this organization to acquire theological education which is obligatory for every man and woman ,thus demands to have religious and societal education institutions which solely demands upon the progress and the incomes and required expanses. (KNS).

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