Amid rise in Vishing Scam, J&K Bank cautions customers to remain alert

Srinagar, Feb 06 (KNS): The authorities at Jammu and Kashmir Bank Ltd. on Monday cautioned their customers to remain alert amidst rising Vishing Scam which has affecting the bank's clients across. 

The bank on its social media handle warned public about the dangers of vishing fraud and how to protect themselves from falling victim to it.

The J&K Bank advised customers to stay vigilant of any calls or messages that ask for personal details. The bank emphasized that it never asks for sensitive information over the phone, such as PIN numbers or OTPs. The bank urged customers to hang up immediately if they receive any suspicious calls or messages and report them to the bank’s customer support team.

According to the RBI report, financial frauds fell 46% year-on-year to ?19,485 crore between April and September 2022, compared to ?36,316 crore during the same period last year. This decrease in financial frauds is a positive development for the Indian banking system and a testament to the efforts made by banks to safeguard their customers’ information and assets.

Notably, Vishing is a type of scam where fraudsters use phone calls or voicemails to trick people into revealing sensitive information, such as their bank account details, passwords, and PIN numbers. The scammers often pose as bank representatives or technical support staff, making it difficult for people to distinguish between genuine calls and fraudulent ones. (KNS)

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