All J&K Shia Association held a meeting of Unit Srinagar

Srinagar April 17 (KNS) :  In a marathon meeting of prominent workers and office bearers of All J&K Shia Association of Srinagar District held at Darul Jawaad (Qamarwari), General Secretary Abid Hussain Ansari stressed upon the need to unite for the betterment of society and work for public welfare.
Abid Ansari urged the senior members to take along the young folk and teach them the values and moto of the Shia Association and to take forward the supreme mission and teachings of Ahle Bait (AS). He said that the present age being a digital era needs to rejuvenate our future by taking the youth along and aware them and involve them in the Hussaini Mission programmes under the banner of All JK Shia Association. 
Ansari also stressed for immediate unitisation  of the whole of AJKSA Srinagar district at the grass-root level to strengthen the association. A committee was setup for District Srinagar under whose supervision the unitisation will take place.(KNS)

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