AIP hold core group meet in Srinagar, demand early release of party supremo

Srinagar, Dec 30 (KNS): Awami Ithad Party (AIP) on Thursday held an important meeting of core group members and Constituency heads at Srinagar. The meeting was presided over by party General Secretary Prince Parvez Shah.

During the meeting all the participants presented their views with regard to the working & charting out the future strategies.

As per the statement issued to Kashmir News Service (KNS) reads, today P Parvaiz Shah, said that the sole aim of meeting was to discuss and strategize future political activities accross the Jammu and Kashmir.

“Since the party founder is incarcerated, it has become difficult for the party to chart out the strategy and but at the same time, the party is spread across Jammu and Kashmir, and it cannot leave ground open to opponents and people on the mercy of these opportunistic parties,” said Shah.

Party will held periodic meetings in order to accelerate the public outreach programmes.

During the meeting it was also unanimously decided and passed that party legal affairs committee headed by Advocate Ubaid Shams with his other experts will fight and plead for release of incarcerated party president Er Rasheed. A resolution was passed to stress upon GoI to the incarcerated Er Rasheed.

In the meeting, the party spokesman Firdous Baba stressed over a major reach out to people and not let them feel alienated. It was also decided that a committee shall be framed to tackle the political affairs. “The party will do every possible thing to assist people on political front,” statement reads.

Party senior leader in his speech said that AIP will not compromise its pro people ideology. We need to strengthen the party at grassroots level. AIP is the only party which has moral authority to speak for its people it has no history of deception at its back. Leadership also welcome AIP senior leader Dr Bari Naik who was recently released from incarceration. (KNS)

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