AIP aghast over importing Iranian apples, offers its support to fruit growers

Srinagar, Jan 15 (KNS): Awami Ittihaad Party (AIP) has castigated Government of India for importing apples from Iran. 

In a statement, Party Spokesperson Firdous Baba has said Horticulture industry being the back bone of economy in Jammu and Kashmir has always been out of sight of the government.

"The industry that need to be promoted at global level but the unfortunate part is that it seems that government is determinent to add to miseries of Horticulturists of the earnest while state," he said. 

"AIP offers its support for Fruit Growers for revocation of such a anti people decision," the spokesperson said. 

"On one hand government is claiming that is it beleive in make in India and promoting local production and on the other hand importing apples from out side, which speaks of confusion regarding the policies of the government," he said. 

Spokesperson warns the government of dire consequences of the decision and appeals for its revocation. (KNS)

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