Aijaz Jan demands free distribution of ration among APL families

Underlines need to rescue labourers, students of J&K stuck outside

Poonch, April 22 (KNS): Provincial President of Youth National Conference in Jammu, Ajaz Jan on Wednesday asked Jammu and Kashmir Lieutenant Governor administration to distribute free ration among families living Above Poverty Line adding that every citizen of society is affected with prevailing lockdown due to Corona pandemic.

Jan hailed the government's decision to distribute free ration among PHH and AAY categorised families.

" We demand free ration for every beneficiary including APL families also." he said in a press statement.

Underlining need of immediate evacuation of students and workers stuck outside Jammu and Kashmir, Jan called for a proper policy to evacuate all of them.

" We are receiving videos and information which show that thousands of students, workers and other people from various parts of Jammu and Kashmir are stuck outside Jammu and Kashmir." Jan said and added that Lieutenant Governor administration should frame a policy and evacuate all those stuck in a phased manner.
He also appealed Lieutenant Governor of Jammu and Kashmir to take up the matter with Chief Ministers of various states which resident of J&K are stuck and to ensure their facilitation.(KNS)

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