Ahsan Pardesi welcomes many prominent faces from ward Dalgate

Srinagar, Sep 23(KNS): Many prominent political workers from ward Dalgate joined National Conference in presence of provincial vice president kashmir and incharge Lal chowk Constituency Ahsan Pardesi at party headquarters nawai subh today.

In his address to the people Ahsan Pardesi urged them to work for the betterment of the party and welfare of the people.


Ahsan Pardesi said among the joinees today many are very prominent political workers who have vast experience in political land scape.


Ahsan Pardesi said all the people who joined today reposed there faith in Leadership and political agenda of National Conference.Click Here To Follow Our WhatsApp Channel

Ahsan Pardesi said people are the worst hit today as there is acute shortage of water and erratic power supply and failure of administration with regard to public distribution of food supplies. 


People are yearning for change and unfortunately people are being Deliberatly kept away from the democratic set up.(KNS).

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