Ahsan Pardesi censures BB cantt for serving tax warrants to Cantonment residents

Says measure smacks of tax extortion & creating mental agony in residents

Says measure smacks of tax extortion & creating mental agony in residents

Srinagar, Dec 04 (KNS): The Jammu and Kashmir National Conference Provincial Vice President Kashmir and In-Charge Constituency Sonwar Ahsan Pardesi on Saturday took strong exception to serving of warrant regarding paying property taxes by Badami Bagh Cantonment Board (BBCB), which falls under the Ministry of Defense, to the residents of Batwara, shivpora, indra Nagar and partly Sonwar in Srinagar. 

In a statement issued to KNS, censuring the Badami Bagh cantonment board authorities for serving warrant order which amounts to attachment of properties to the residential and commercial units within its jurisdiction, Ahsan Pardesi said National conference strongly condemns unwarranted order issued to the residents of localities including Shivpora, Batwara Indra Nagar and partly Sonwar who have received warrant orders from the Board which has caused unrest and mental agony among the inhabitants of these areas.

While expressing his displeasure at the decision, he said such a move would only add to the miseries of locals, whose have sapped on their strength to make such out-of-pocket expenditures due to the undergoing economic downturn induced by deluge of 2014 and Covid-19. The locals households and traders it is germane to mention had suffered due to the ravaging impact the deluge of 2014 incurred on them. 

Ahsan pardesi said I am witness to the fact how people of these areas sold their assets and used all there savings to rebuild there houses after massive 2014 deluge. These areas where worst hits. 

On behalf of residents of Batwara, shivpora, indra Nagar and partly Sonwar. I appeal to hon'ble Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha Ji to look into the matter and do the needful to give respite to the locals residing there. 

Pardesi said, hon'ble LG had last year said that the JK administration would not impose any property tax on the people. "It was clearly mentioned by LG Sahab that no such tax would be levied in by the incumbent JK administration. Why are the localities with the jurisdiction of BBCB being singled out," he argued. 

When no one in entire J&k are not paying taxes why should the particular locality be victimised. 

Pardesi said Dr farooq Abdullah sahib has already written letter of Defense minister for same with a hope that the issue is resolved.

Pardesi said when during these testing times financial institutions are extending every possible help to re structure loans of consumers due to extended economic lock down how can anyone think of putting huge burdens in these testing times to people. Ahsan pardesi said he is extremely hopeful hon'ble LG and board authorities will rise upto the occasion and resolve the issue. (KNS)

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