Ahsan Pardesi addresses workers meeting at Zeewan

Rues development deficit in Sonwar

Rues development deficit in Sonwar

Srinagar, Nov 05 (KNS): The Jammu and Kashmir National Conference Provincial Vice President and In charge Constituency Sonwar Ahsan Pardesi on Friday reiterated the party’s resolve to fight for the restoration of people’s rights and dignity.

He said this while addressing a meeting of party's local unit functionaries at Zeewan in Sonwar Constituency.

In his address, Pardesi said that the party is fighting a multi-front battle to safe guard  the vital interests of the people of J&K. "On one front, we are striving for the fulfilment of the basic needs of our people to address their development issues and on the other front, we are keeping up with our peaceful and constitutional fight for the restoration of peoples abridged democratic and constitutional rights. To achieve this goal, the party's efforts have to be marked by collectivism and better coordination at all levels,” he said.

Expressing dismay over the sorry state of affairs in Kashmir, Pardesi said that the valley in general and Sonwar constituency in particular has been rescinded from the development agenda.

“The contracting economic activities already have had an adverse effect on the household incomes, the escalation of tariff on basic public utilities and soaring inflation has pushed people, especially the lower middle class and BPL families to the wall,” he said.

He asserted that the much-touted “change” is not visible on the ground. "Sonwar constituency, has in particular been at the receiving end. Despite being the gateway of Srinagar and the hub of tourist activities, the entire constituency was neglected on every front. Nothing substantial was done to upgrade and augment the infrastructure in the segment," he said.

"During my repeated tours to various areas and localities, people complained about the lack of basic facilities. People are upset and angry for not being listened to," he added. (KNS)

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