Aga Syed Hassan pays tribute to Hazrat Ali (AS) on martyrdom anniversary

Srinagar April 2 (KNS): Paying rich tribute to Hazrat Ali Ibn Abi Talib(A.S) , on the day of his martyrdom , Jammu and Kashmir Anjuman Sharie Shian President Aga Syed Hassan Al-Mosavi Safavi said that it was the martyrdom of The great Imam that physically deprived the world of the benevolence of Vilayat.

While addressing the thousands of Mourners in central Imam Bargha Budgam Aga Hassan  said that, Hazrat Ali Ibn Abi Talib, in whose honour, The Prophet of Islam(Peace be upon him )says, "I am the city of Knowledge and Ali its entry", was Piller of strength for Islam and most significant aid of Prophet Muhammad Mustafa, peace be upon him, and our lives be sacrificed on his name. 
In a statement, Aga Hassan said that Hazrat Ali's life is multi-dimensionally exemplary for the Muslims. Hazrat Ali, a warrior in Jihad, a Just ruler as Khalifah, a Philosopher and originator of knowledges and symbol of purity as Imam, a labourer in the fields of Shamon to earn his bread, a kind husband and Hazrat Fatima's companion, and compassionate father, an affectionate brother and a reliable supporter, yet an outright devotee of the Almighty. What does the Shahada indicate is anti-thesis of what Ali Ibn Abi Talib represent. 
Aga Hassan further said “The Shahadat of Ali (as)itself is auspicious and happened in such a way that too was disillusional for those who could comprehend evil and virtue. The greatest of great Imams, Ali's revered head was wounded with poison-dip disastrous sword.
The poison was not on the sword only but in the hearts of those who were and still are against the rule of justice, all those who who considered Islam merely a hegemonic force and not a way of life, all those who created facade of Islam but were loyal to pre-Islamic ideas”.(KNS)

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