After cultural Trip to Gurez, SKIMS Staff members test positive

Srinagar, July 13(KNS): Many staff members of SKIMS have tested positive for Covid after a cultural trip to Gurez on 1st,2nd & 3rd July 2020.
The trip was supported by the SKIMS institute, and GR Beigh Memorial Trust. The members have been put in quarantine in NIT, Srinagar, as SKIMS is overflowing with patients.
A staff member at SKIMS said, "At a time when there is an acute dearth of medical staff, giving permissions to staff members to attend a cultural trip amounts to serious negligence. They were also supported monetarily by higher ups in SKIMS. They have subsequently, on their return, tested positive, and now there is near pandemonium in the Pharmacy Section in SKIMS. The Virus has also spread to family members of the Pharmacy Staff". The family spread has come to prominence after a senior journalist, husband of one of employees tested positive. They said the employee was religiously attending to her duties at the hospital, but came in contact with one of the cultural trip returnees.(KNS)

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