Adopt pro-people approach whilst handling Covid19 pandemic: AIP

Srinagar, 15th May (KNS): Incarcerated Er Abdul Rashid led Jammu Kashmir Awami Itehad Party urged LG administration to shun its anti-people approach; adopt pragmatic measures in tackling Covid-19 pandemic. Imploring the Government to learn from past blunders, AIP top brass demanded from the LG administration to raise monthly assistance allowance for lower-income groups from Rs1000 to Rs5000 per household along with providing five kilograms of rice and wheat.

According to a statement issued to Kashmir news service (KNS), Party leadership once again strongly reiterated its demand from Government to come out with a comprehensive financial package for Kashmir’s business community.

Taking a dig over imposing unrealistic measures Party leader and Spokesperson Sheeban Ashai said, “There are several reports coming in from various quarters where people from essential services even doctors are being unnecessarily stopped and humiliated in the name of imposing a strict lockdown”.

AIP leadership demanded from LG administration to put in public domain information about the doctor to patient ratio, number of beds; ventilators available in all hospitals across Jammu and Kashmir. It’s the responsibility of the present administration to operate in a transparent manner and reimpose faith in masses which has been badly damaged thanks to the tomfoolery at Tulip Garden, music concerts and dance shows amidst pandemic, Ashai added.

Also, it’s the Government’s responsibility to inform us about what percentage of Jammu and Kashmir’s population has been partially or completely vaccinated. Government must focus at adopting a dynamic approach rather than only extending lockdowns; it is need of the hour that present dispensation should’ve called for an all-party meeting to devise the best ways to tackle the covid-19 pandemic where the focus apart from preventing precious lives should’ve been to safeguard business; prevent jobs of lakhs of people working in private as well as Government sector.

Ashai questioning Government’s policy asked, “Why can’t we incorporate more businesses with those permissible for doorstep deliveries rather than absolutely restricting everyone; Govt must allow doorstep delivery of more goods and services from both Government and private sectors whilst minimising human contact”.

 On one side government is doing absolutely nothing to assist anyone-any sector for last five years and on another side, they are doing everything humanly possible to push people to the extent of starvation? What kind of savagely grotesque approach is this, Ashai admonished ?“.

LG administration must ponder over their failures, our death rate is higher in percentage than rest of India; private businesses are losing crores of rupees every week; joblessness is becoming rampant. Awami Etihad Party leadership firmly demanded the present administration to shun its criminal arrogance; adopt a magnanimous-assimilative approach to mitigate people’s miseries amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.(KNS)

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