AAP has let loose anarchy in Punjab : Chugh

Doctors resigning, people are being beaten

Doctors resigning, people are being beaten

Amritsar, August 12: (KNS)  BJP national general secretary Tarun Chugh today said that complete anarchy has been let loose by the AAP government in Punjab as there has been repeated incidents in which the AAP ministers or MLAs have been running rough shod on officials and people alike.

Taking strong exception to the assault on a truck driver by the gunmen of Punjab Vidhan Sabha Speaker Kultar Singh Sandhwan near Manawala in Amritsar on Thursday, Chugh said it was not the first time that the AAP leader has indulged in such an act.

He said in the last 150 days of governance the only thing the AAP government has established is that it is incapable of running Punjab. Ëvery other day the AAP leaders are insulting officials in one part of the state or the other and are displaying their irresponsible behaviour in public life", Chugh said.

"Punjab has been brought to shame by the AAP government where the self-respect of people has been challenged to feed the ego of the AAP leaders", he said.

The fact that more than 50 doctors have put in their papers and are unwilling to serve the AAP government is an indication of pain that the government officials have been feeling in the hands of the AAP government, Chugh added.(KNS

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