Srinagar District Congress protests against Govt policies

Srinagar Sept 19:(KNS) Srinagar District Congress Committee on Tuesday staged strong protests against failed Govt policies. 

Senior Congress leaders, Block Presidents and prominent workers of Srinagar District 


protested against  Jal Shakti Scam, which was recently exposed  by a senior bureaucrat of J&K, besides installation of smart meters, property, toll and others taxes, including peak unemployment and raised slogans against anti-people policies adopted by both Centre Govt and LG Adm towards J&K.


They demanded a CBI investigation into Jal Shakti Abhiyaan to identify the officials responsible for looting public money. 

The protesting Congress leaders and workers slammed the installation of smart meters despite economic distress being faced by the people especially poor, who are not even able to make their both ends meet.Click Here To Follow Our WhatsApp Channel 

They also raised the unemployment issue and various other issues including forceful property, water,toll taxes thrusted upon the people by the BJP Govt. 


Speaking on the occasion Congress leaders blamed the Govt  for failing to address issues, adding that people shall never forget as to what BJP has done after coming into power. 

They also vowed to continue fighting against BJPs anti people and anti-poor policies.(KNS)

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