Karbala Symbolizes sacrifice in the struggle of right against wrong: Molvi Imran Ansari

Srinagar, May 26 (KNS): The suffering of Imam Hussain (AS) and his family during the Battle of Karbala symbolizes sacrifice in the struggle for right against wrong, and for justice and truth against injustice and falsehood and the day of Ashura needs to be commemorated to secure our allegiance with Imam Hussain (AS) and strengthen our belief on Ahl E Bait (AS). 

The happenings of the Karbala incident were reported by prophet Muhammad (PBUH) several times.This was stated during a day-long sermon delivered in Majlis E Hussain (AS) by President All J&K Shia Association Molvi Imran Reza Ansari at Ahmadpora (Pattan) today.
A large number of mourners across the valley participated in the Majlis. On this occasion, General Secretary All J&K Shia Association Abid Hussain Ansari was also present.(KNS)

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