Commissioner SMC took a Surprise Visit to all Wings/Sections of Central Office Karan Nagar to monitor attendance and directs to adopt Smart Work Culture

Srinagar Feb 13 (KNS):  In a proactive move to enhance productivity and efficiency, the Commissioner SMC Dr.Owais Ahmed (IAS)conducted a surprise visit to all wings and sections of the central office. The purpose of the visit was to monitor attendance, interaction with office staff, and address their grievances.

During the visit, the Commissioner personally engaged with the employees, listening to their concerns and providing patient attention to their grievances. This initiative aimed to promote a supportive work environment and boost morale among the staff of the Corporation.

Furthermore, the Commissioner directed the Works Wing of Srinagar Municipal Corporation to initiate the process of transformation of all offices into smart offices. This strategic decision is intended to cultivate a smart work culture that aligns with modern practices and facilitates improved productivity.

By implementing smart office concept, the Srinagar Municipal Corporation aims to streamline workflow, enhance communication, and optimize resources. This transition will serve as a catalyst for positive change and innovation within the organization to encourage a dynamic and progressive work environment.

The Commissioner's proactive approach underscores the commitment of the Srinagar Municipal Corporation to embrace technological advancements and promote a culture of excellence. The corporation remains dedicated to ensuring the welfare of its employees and the efficient delivery of services to the citizens of Srinagar.(KNS)

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