500 LPM Oxygen generating plant at SDH Tangdar made operational

Zubair Ahmad

Karnah, Feb 1 (KNS) The oxygen generating plant established by the administration at Sub District hospital Tanghdar has been made operational to meet any possible eventuality amid the ongoing onslaught of Covid-19 pandemic.

  According to Kashmir News service (KNS) installed four months ago the oxygen generating plant had the capacity of generating 500 liter oxygen per minute has been made operetional today at sub district hospital Tanghdar, the facility would help in better treating. In absence of the facility, the patients with respiratory ailments and pneumonia were being referred to territory care hospital for want of high flow oxygen supply.

 during winters when mostly the area remains cutt off from valley the patients who need high flow oxygen had face immense difficulties now the 500 LPM oxygen generating plant have been made fully functional and will be serve as big relief for the inhabitants of this border area of Karnah. (KNS) 

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