4G restoration will boost economic recovery in J&K: FCIK President Kamli

Srinagar, Feb 7 (KNS):  President Federation of Chamber of Industries Kashmir (FCIK) Shahid Kamli today welcomed the restoration of 4G mobile internet services in J&K as it will boost economic recovery in the union territory.

President Kamli in a statement issued to KNS said that Government has realised the problems being faced by the bussinemen and students without the high speed internet.

" The absence of high speed internet was marring the efforts of the enterprenuers to carry on with their business obligations in a smooth manner. As the e-commerce has being accepted the changing face of businesses worldwide, this part of World was struggling to keep pace with the their counterparts in the country to carry on their activities. We express our gratitude to honourable LG Manoj Sinha for echoing the concerns of the business community regarding low speed internet during our meeting with him at Jammu Rajbhawan," he said.

He lauded the personal efforts of Manoj Sinha in representing the people of J&K and business community before the Central Government regarding the developmental issues, restoration of 4G and present industrial scenario.
We hope it will provide the much needed succor to the business community who were facing great difficulties in  functioning of international trade besides  E-commerce and  e-tenders  filling were the worst hit.

"It was literally impossible to  download/ upload heavy tender documents as a result the industry lost out on much business which was already severely hit after August 5 2019 and  worsened by Covid lockdown," Kamli said in a statement.

He added that the decesion has led to sigh of relief among the student community who were facing lot of issues in accessing online classes and study material (KNS).

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