3-day conference KUxNIT-MUN 2022 to be held at NIT Srinagar in August

Srinagar July 05(KNS): The Model United Nations (MUN) is an academic simulation of the United Nations where students play the role of delegates from different schools/colleges and attempt to solve real world issues. An MUN conference aims to bring out the best of real-life skills: oratory skills, negotiation skills and above all, seeking the most optimal solutions to multifaceted and open ended problems. It is a platform where students can learn all about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations. 

KUxNIT-MUN 2022 is an MUN collaboration between the two prestigious institutes of the valley — NIT Srinagar and Kashmir University. Students from all over the valley are going to be a part of this conference. The presence of numerous luminaries is going to make this event even more instructive and worthwhile. The list of dignitaries includes Prof. (Dr.) Rakesh Sehgal (Director National Institute of Technology Srinagar), Prof. Nilofer Khan (Vice-Chancellor, University of Kashmir), Prof. Kaiser Bukhari (Registrar, National Institute of Technology), Dr Nisar Ahmad Mir (Registrar University of Kashmir), Mr. G.N. War (President Private Schools United Front, J&K) and other important government administrators and legal experts.

 The event will be held tentatively during the last week of July/ first week of August. This is happening for the first time in the campus of NIT Srinagar and is a three day event. The event will kickstart with the opening ceremony wherein students from NIT Srinagar and Kashmir University will showcase their talents to the participating delegates and guests through a variety of cultural performances. The main event will take place on the second day wherein the delegates will present their points and debate. There would be a questioning session from the audience and completion of at least 3 committee sessions would take place. 


The event will be concluded on the third day. The last two sessions would take place along with the prize distributribution, followed by a closing ceremony. There are three awards in total that are to be given to the participants among the committe which are — The Best Delegate Award, The Special Mention Award and The Verbal Mention. This concludes the whole event. Participating students and guests will be served refreshments on all three days and the dress code is ‘Western Formals’. There are going to be six statutory bodies (in simulation) for this event. The first committee is the AIPP or the All India Political Party Meet. It is a non-technical but powerful committee and is a meeting between all political parties of the nation.


 The proposed agenda of this body is to discuss ‘The Use of Spyware with Special Emphasis on Pegasus’. Next is the World Health Organization (WHO) which is composed of 193 Member States. The proposed agenda of this body is to discuss ‘Post-Covid Crisis in affected countries with special emphasis on how different countries handled the situation during the pandemic’. The third committee is the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). This is one of the main organs of the United Nations and consists of 54 member countries. The proposed agenda of this body is to discuss ‘The regulation of Crypto-Currencies and to what extent they should be regulated?’ Following is the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) committee. The proposed agenda of this body is to discuss ‘The Ukraine Crisis’. The fifth committee is the Marvel Vs DC which is more of a debate than a committee. It’s an ongoing fight between two supreme beings of the comic world, Marvel and DC and their long-standing battle to determine which universe is better. In this conference, we will re-evaluate their fight from 1996 and try to settle this debate once and for all. Hence, the proposed agenda of this body is to discuss the ‘Continuous Crisis’. The final Statutory body with us for the event is the International Press. Press corps committees are designed to represent the group of journalists typically present at the United Nations and other important bodies. To succeed in press corps committees, the delegates must master in skills such as journalism, strong interpersonal communication skills, and the ability to balance following debates in multiple committees with writing frequent articles. 


As it is self evident, there is no proposed agenda for this committee. KUxNIT-MUN 2022 uniquely provides the platform not just for disagreement but also for negotiation, compromise and unanimously finding solutions to the problems. It is an unexampled and rare opportunity for students to come together and present and debate on their different perspectives and visions for the present and future.(KNS)




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