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JRL calls for shutdown on Sun against ‘HR violations’

Calls for protests on Fri against US decision


Srinagar, Dec 07 (KNS): In view of the international human rights day, the Joint Resistance Leadership (JRL) Thursday called for complete shutdown on Dec 10 against what they termed as the ‘gross human rights violations’ in Kashmir.
JRL comprising of Syed Ali Geelani, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and Muhammad Yasin Malik in a joint statement issued to KNS announced a program on international human rights day.
“On 10th December, the international human rights day, Kashmiris will observe a complete shut down and blackout against gross human rights violations. A protest rally towards UN observers’ office at Srinagar will also be taken out from Lal Chowk on the same day. Similarly a seminar to highlight miseries of Kashmiris will also be held on 9th December 2017,” they said.
“Kashmiris are being subjected to worst kind of torture and oppression but the champions of human rights to safeguard their economic ambitions are maintain a criminal silence over it,” JRL said.
JRL said that United Nations (UN) has designated Dec 10 as human rights day.
“On this day seminars, symposiums, and programs are held and statements are issued for safeguarding the human rights of every one. United Nations has itself created a forum namely human rights commission that also makes hue and cry on human rights abuses,” JRL said.
JRL leaders said that Kashmir is also part of human civilization and human with same blood and flesh are living on this land but these humans are being treated like cattle by Indian oppression from a long time.
Leaders said that from last seventy years, people of Jammu Kashmir are facing Indian aggression and oppression. “Lakhs on people have been killed and this killing spree is continuing unabated. Thousands of young and old have been disappeared in custody, thousands of unmarked graves bear witness to extra judicial killings, attacks on the chastity of women is being used as a weapon of war and thousands of innocents have been going through jails and incarcerations,” JRL said.
JRL leaders said that if one only looks back at the events of past one year would find hundreds of young Kashmiris being gunned down and killing humans being glamorized by Indian state and its media. “During these days, thousands of men and women, boys and girls have been showered with pellets and their eyesight snatched. Many have been maimed and injured and are forced to endure a life time misery. During these days, thousands have been put into jails, police lockups, incarceration centers and so-called rulers are using arbitrary laws like PSA to prolong their incarceration,” they added.
Leaders said that from Tihar jail Delhi to the jails of Jammu Kashmir, thousands of Kashmiri inmates are suffering at the hands of oppressive Indian authorities.
They said that north and south of Kashmir valley is witnessing a new phase of terror and torture. “Crackdown, vandalizing private residences and property, beating and humiliating people without the consideration of gender and age, arresting young, old, women and men indiscriminately, arresting fathers in place of sons and brothers in place of brothers and other oppressive operations are continuing without a pause. Kashmiris are being terrorized but no one in the international community seems to bother. India which claims to be the biggest democracy in the world has let loose a reign of terror in Jammu Kashmir but no one is raising his or her voice against this state sponsored terrorism,” asserted JRL leaders.
“Aren’t Kashmiris humans, aren’t they also part of humanity, haven’t they a right to live with freedom and dignity as other humans and how long will international community in its pursuit to safeguard its economic aspirations, maintain a criminal silence over this gruesome human tragedy,” they said.
JRL said that keeping silent for petty trade and economic benefits is dangerous and international community should introspect its role visa vise the gross human rights violations in Jammu Kashmir.
Leaders said that India will never succeed in suppressing the voices of freedom of the people of Jammu Kashmir and despite all these atrocities Kashmiris will continue with their struggle for freedom and self-determination.
Announcing a ‘comprehensive program’ on international human rights day, JRL leaders said that on Dec 10, Kashmiris will observe a complete shutdown and blackout to protest against ‘gross human rights violations’ and the criminal silence of the international community.
On the same day, JRL leaders Syed Ali Shah Geelani, Mirwaiz Muhammad Umer Farooq and Muhammad Yasin Malik will lead a protest rally from Hamza Masjid Kokerbazar Lal Chowk towards UN observers’ office at Srinagar where a memorandum will be handed over to UN representative.
A seminar will also be held in this connection on Saturday, Dec 09 in which human rights abuses in Jammu Kashmir will be highlighted.
The seminar titled “human rights violations in Kashmir and Criminal silence of the international community” will be held at Hyderpora (residence cum office of Syed Ali Shah Geelani).
Meanwhile, JRL also called for protests on Friday against the US decision, terming the decision as ‘naïve and dangerous’ for the international peace.
JRL said that no Muslim can ever accept Jerusalem as the capital of Zionist state of Israel.
They said that Jerusalem represents the religious emotions and aspirations of about a billion Muslims living across the Globe. “This is our Qibla I Awwal and no Muslim can ever accept it as the capital of Zionist state of Israel. By taking this kind of irrational decision, US president Donal Trump is actually showing his imprudent politics, fascist behavior and enmity against Muslims,” they said.
JRL leaders said that these kinds of unilateral anti-Muslim decisions are bound to deteriorate and damage already fragile peace and tranquility of the world.
“No Muslim can ever accept Jerusalem as the capital of Zionist state and so this decision is bound to fail,” JRL said.
Leaders appealed Muslim Ummah to unite against this bizarre US decision and support the Palestinian cause.
“This world can never taste real peace, tranquility and progress if such kinds of decisions are implemented and instead of resolving the disputes confronting humans more problems are twisted,” leaders added.
Leaders said that Kashmiris are and will continue protesting against this horrible US decision and tomorrow on Dec 08 (Friday), will stage peaceful protests across the valley after Friday prayers. (KNS)


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