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Dr. Farooq Abdullah leading up ante against divisive agenda of BJP in state, country: NC

‘PDP apologists stand no ground; it is the same set of people who used to sit in BJP working committee meetings in Srinagar’


Srinagar, Mar 14 (KNS): Jammu and Kashmir National Conference on Thursday said that recent allegation of PDP that Dr. Farooq Abdullah was impeding the efforts of combined resistance to BJP is no less than a joke and reflective of partial dementia that the PDP is suffering from in wake of its speedy disintegration.
Party’s spokesperson Imran Nabi Dar in a statement issued from party headquarters said that Dr. Farooq Abdullah is spear heading the efforts of national leaders to stop BJP from coming to power. “The party president is leading up the ante against the divisive agenda of the BJP in the state and the country at large.”
Imran while asserting that the party had previously offered support to PDP in 2015 to keep BJP out which they denied, said, “The accusations emanating from PDP apologists are chronic case of political opportunism. It was the PDP that denied our earnest offer to them in 2015, terming us as power hungry at that time. Now the same party with brazen shamelessness is accusing our leader of hammering the move to put up a strong front against the BJP,” adding, “Unlike PDP we are guided by our political ideology that is deep rooted in the aspirations and sentiments of people of the state.”
“It was PDP which pretentiously campaigned in 2014 to stop BJP from making inroads into the state and eventually they were the ones who betrayed the mandate of people by joining hands with BJP. The colossal betrayal of PDP is still alive in the explicit memories of people,” he said.
Provincial spokesperson said that PDP is now passing the blame in order to absolve it from the wrongs it committed on people from 2015 to 2018. “In 2015, Late Mufti sb continued with the mission he had barged on when in the cabinet of late G M Sadiq. Being a cabinet minister then he was equally responsible for destroying the special status of our state. What was left of our special status Mufti’s took it upon himself themselves to destroy it after they hobnobbed with BJP,” he said.
“On 2nd July 2017, Union Minister Jitendra Singh commented that BJP didn’t surrender on the issue of GST in J&K. It is an open secret that it was PDP that surrendered the state’s financial autonomy for the lust of power. PDP in a bid to show loyalty to Nagpur implemented GST in the state without taking into consideration its far-reaching implications on our artisans, hoteliers, and other marginal traders,” he added.
Imran said that no blame game and passing the buck can help PDP resurrect itself. “The apologists of PDP stand no ground to help their party regain the lost turf.  It is the same set of people who used to sit in BJP working committee meets. On 29th October 2017, one of the vocal apologists of PDP Nayeem Akhtar even attended the working committee meet of BJP in Srinagar. Not just that the then MoS and senior PDP member Asiya Naqash also attended the BJP convention in Mir Bahri Dal on 6th December 2017,” he said, adding, “Now the same people have the audacity to question our efforts to counter BJP. We as an oldest political dispensation draw our support from the people. It is with that support we will be able to trounce the forces as are inimical to the state of Jammu and Kashmir.” (KNS) 

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