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‘Accused’ I&FC Xen walks away with Prize Posting, Courtesy! ‘Bureaucratic Patronage’

Is His Excellency Governor aware of such kind of ‘Secretariat Hegemony?’


Srinagar, Sep 21 (KNS): Call it a ‘white collar favouritism' or bureaucratic hegemony, a tainted Executive Engineer has walked away with a prize posting despite an ongoing investigation of ‘frauds’ and ‘embezzlements’’ by the Vigilance Organization against him.
The Ex. Engineer of Irrigation and Flood Control department has an alleged multi-crore scam investigation pending with Vigilance Organization from last year and was expected to be removed from the prestigious position if not suspended, but what surprised many including the anti-graft VOK was his prize posting in an extremely important division in North Kashmir. Sources said that many departmental inspections and enquires have also picked faults in his conduct of business and have flagged many discrepancies in allotting works, removing of shoal from Jhelum and many other such ‘deliberate’ violation of rules, but nothing has prompted higher authorities to take action against him, not even a case pending in Vigilance organization of Kashmir.
Sources in the VOK told KNS that the preliminary investigation was in the final stage and an FIR was likely to be lodged in the case. Be that as it may be, the officer continues to enjoy patronage which is evident from his new posting. But according to I&FC department sources, What makes his posting ‘fishy’ and ‘suspicious’ is that the division falls in the area of a top bureaucrat who despite knowing everything about the officer preferred him over many competent and honest officers.
If sources are to be believed the said bureaucrat has violated the CSR 31 (b) by not placing the Xen under suspension instead awarded him with a ‘Dream posting’.
As per the CSR 31 (b),
The appointing Authority or any authority to which it is subordinate or any other authority empowered by the Government in this behalf, may place a government servant under suspension where,
(a) > an inquiry into his conduct is contemplated or is pending , or
(b) > a complaint against him of any criminal offence is under investigation or trial.
I&FC Sources told KNS that the Xen was promoted recently but has been working against the same post from last several years owing to his political and bureaucratic patronage.
The sources added that this all is going on unabatedly under the nose of the Governor Administration which repeatedly is making tall claims of providing a corruption free and transparent administration.
The Governor Mr. Satya Paul Malik recently said that some officers have been sent to jail for corruption charges but it is yet to be seen what he intends to do with the bureaucrats who are directly or indirectly indulging in corruption by encouraging tainted, accused and corrupt officers. (KNS) 

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